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Caring for your Sub Zero

Cor-Jus recommends when caring for your sub zero Sub Zero machine you observe the following:
1) Use a soft, non-abrasive cloth
2) Stainless steel cleaner only
3) Gently appy with cloth, keeping constant contact with machine, working in the cleaner with an up and down motion.


When cleaning the classic and platinum stainless steel finish, always use a soft nonabrasive stainless steel cleaner with a 100% lint-free cloth. On carbon stainless steel finishes you can use mild soap and water. For best results keep cloth in continuous contact with the stainless steel.



Caring for your sub zero is made easy because the machine monitors itself and will let you know if there is a problem. All sub zero units have the control center located in the refrigerator section, excluding the 601F model which keeps the unit in its freezer section. Another great reason caring for your sub zero is easy, would be the alarm feature which sounds off after the door is left open for over 30 seconds. If you are planning on taking a short vacation just simply remove all perishable items, shut off the ice maker and empty the ice bucket. For extended vacations it is best to remove all items, unplug the unit and leave the doors slightly open to keep interior dry and smelling fresh.


At Cor-Jus Enterprises a Long Island appliance repair company, we make it our job to help with anything from temperature adjustment to major repair issues. New machines have the possibility of encountering new problems, our Long Island appliance repair company always has the right solution! If you feel you may have encountered a problem with your sub zero machine don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re here to help!