Washing Machines: Top Loaders vs. Front Loaders
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Washing Machines: Top Loaders vs. Front Loaders

As a New York appliance repair company, we see a lot of different types of washing machines. There are many high end brand appliances to choose from and then there are many styles (traditional and new) that those brands offer. Here we list some information that will hopefully assist you in choosing a top loading or a front loading washing machine.


Traditional Top Loading Washing Machines:



Traditional Top Loading Washing Machine

These are the original design from most of the original manufacturers. Top loaders tend to be cheaper and have quicker washing times. However the basket with the agitator in the middle is extremely violent on your clothes. These top loading washing machines are the reason that your dryers lint trap is so full. The agitator frays your clothes and the dryers lint trap accumulates these frays. They also use the most water per cycle and don’t do much for the “green” movement.


If you are more comfortable with the top loading design but without the annoying cons, there are high efficiency top loaders like these from GE. They are still not as water efficient as front loading washing machines but they are gentler on clothes.



Front Loading Washing Machines:



Front Loading Washer From Electrolux

When these first came on the market for home use, the biggest complaint was that they would develop mold and emit an odor. They did, however manufacturers have solved the problem that caused these problems.


Front loaders use less water- 12 gallons versus the typical 44 gallons used in top loading machines. Front loaders are the gentlest on your clothes, meaning they will last longer, retain colors better, and you won’t have to scrape out the lint trap as often. And, because there is no agitator in the middle, you’ll be able to fit more in your washer.


Here at Cor-Jus Appliance Repair, we have to say that the front loaders are our favorite! They are better for clothes, the environment, and they have outstanding new technology. Our factory trained technicians are kept up to date on all the new technology for these front loading washing machine gems.



There are many options when choosing a washer. High end brands tend to be solely making front loading washers. This is because not only do they look great, but they tend to be more efficient and better for your clothes. We recommend when you go to but a new washing machine to check up on all the websites information so that you know what works for you and your needs. Should you need washing machine or any other appliance repair in New York, you can count on Cor-Jus for quality repair. We have excellent special offers and offer warranty services as well.