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Wolf Oven Care

Choosing Wolf ovens proves your taste for quality and in order to keep everything running smooth Cor-Jus Enterprises recommends following these important wolf oven care directions. High end appliances do not require high end maintenance as long as you keep up with simple cleaning and stay informed on the latest helpful tips.


Cor-Jus Enterprises, a Long Island High End Appliance Company recommends the following when cleaning your wolf oven stoves:
1. Clean the outside w/ a damp cloth & only when surface is cool. Do not use abrasive cleaners, they can scratch the surface permanently. Stick with a non-abrasive signature polish and wipe in the direction of the finish.
2. Remove oven racks prior to using self-cleaning function.
3. After oven has cooled wipe up any ashy residue w/ a damp cloth.
4. No oven cleaners for the inside of the oven!
5. Broiler tray & oven racks may be cleaned in warm water with a mild detergent.
6. Do not hand clean, puncture, rub or remove the oven gasket or you might compromise the tight door seal.


Feel free to contact Cor-Jus enterprises for any questions or concerns you may have regarding your high end appliances. We are a Long Island Appliance repair company servicing Suffolk and Nassau county. We are happy to answer questions or assist in helping you maintain your high end appliances.